Generation Rent Gathers Pace

Attractive yields entice buy-to-let investors

With one in ten properties in the UK delivering gross rental yields of 10% or more, now could be the time to expand your buy to let rental portfolio, or take your first steps on the property investment ladder.

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Neighbours from hell?

We’ve all had disagreements with people in the past. But what happens when the person in question is your neighbour and you feel he is being unreasonable? We look at a few common disputes between neighbours.

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Mortgages most affordable in a decade

At the height of the financial crisis, mortgage payments deprived new borrowers of 48% of their disposable income. This was the case in the third quarter of 2007, but almost five years on, in the final quarter of 2012, the average household spent just 28% of its after-tax income on the monthly mortgage bill.

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Snow over it!

Bright interiors wave goodbye to winter white-out.

If you’re fed up with the snow, and the winter in general, start your house hunt by focusing on properties pre-packed with interior design flair and more than a flash of colour.

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