A Stunning Warm Welcome To Your Home

Front of HomeAs the saying goes – “first impressions count” and when applied to the home this means the frontage – what do people see from the roadside? A front driveway full of junk or a driveway clean and glistening in the light?

Do you ever sit in traffic staring at the houses along the roadside and imagine what the person looks like that lives in that house? From the roadside your home should showcase everything about you and your family whether you’re artistic, stylish, ultra-sleek or traditional.As the weather is slowly improving this is a great time of year for you to drastically improve the frontage of your home. Here are some simple and cost effective ways in which you can do this.

The Driveway

Block paving driveways are known to look great when new and then as the years go by it is known to suffer from weeds. If your driveway is suffering then a little care and attention will banish those weeds and have it sparkling in no time. The first stage is to remove any weeds between the cracks you can do this easily with a paving weed scraper. Once all weeds are removed clean your driveway with a jet wash – this is a powerful cleaning machine that will get in all the nooks and remove dirt.
Allow your driveway to completely dry off and put weed killer between each of the cracks- this will prevent them from returning. Then pour a line of sand over all the cracks and brush in with a broom, if there is any sand left over just clear it up.

Windows and Door

Cleaning your windows goes a long way and will give your home a fresh look. If you have traditional single glazed windows with wooden frames then consider painting them to refresh their appearance. If you are thinking of replacing them then uPVC windows and doors are a great option, not only is uPVC strong and durable but it will give your home added security.

Front Lawn

Make your front lawn the envy of your neighbours. You should aim to mow your lawn every other week or every week depending on its growth rate. Begin by removing moss and weeds and then sprinkle lightly with lawn seed and water generously.  Avoid stamping on the grass until the seeds have grown. In just a couple of weeks your lawn will be looking green and thick.

Wall or Fence

Your wall or fence should showcase your front garden and not cover it. If the top blocks of your wall are looking drab then paint them a crisp white. Iron gates and railings will showcase your garden and will also provide additional security if you have young children or a dog.


Hanging baskets and terracotta pots are a great way to add flowers to your garden without digging anything up. They can also be moved around to suit your mood. Go big and fancy for a great impact and add beautiful colours.

Yasmin Holloway is an interior stylist from Birmingham. For more home improvement tips follow her on twitter @YasminHolloway

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  1. avatar Emma Wells says:

    All agreed – except jet washing a block paved driveway is a very bad idea. Whilst it obviously helps in the short run, it will very quickly seriously damage the block paving and will mean that an expensive looking drive way needs to be replaced in a very short amount of time.