All I want for Christmas…. is my perfect pad!

iStock_000019033950LargeAre you dreaming of hanging your stocking by the side of welcoming fireplace, a living room large enough for a tastefully decorated tree, a well organised kitchen bursting with festive aromas and a dining room large enough to host Christmas lunch for the whole family? If so, and you already have a home that’s ideal for Christmas, read no further. But if it’s your heart’s desire to sell your current property and get settled into a new pad before the Yuletide celebrations begin, now’s the time to plan your big move.

It’s no secret that moving home isn’t a quick process, if you’re a buyer with no property to sell then the timescales could you be shorter, but if you need to sell your property first, this could add weeks.

On average it currently takes around 6 weeks to sell a property in the UK. However, this disguises regional variations. In parts of the South East, where the market is strong, properties often sell in less than a month. By contrast, selling in parts of the North East of England could take around 10 weeks.

In addition to the sale of your property you’ll also need to factor in the length of time it takes to find the property you wish to buy, not to mention the exchange of contracts, surveys, searches and mortgage offers.

It’s obvious therefore that it’s difficult to put a timeframe on the house buying process. Each transaction will be unique and every move will have its own characteristics. Generally however, offer to exchange should take no more than 8 weeks and exchange to completion is around 2 weeks. Altogether you’re looking at around 2 ½ months if you sell and buy during the same period and have no delays, broken chains or hold ups. Considering there’s only 3 month until Christmas, if you’re looking to move in before Santa makes an appearance, it’s time to get moving.

Choosing an estate agent to list your property with can be daunting, it’s natural to go with the agent who promises to get you the best price but it’s vital to do your research. It’s important to choose an agent who will put your requirements at the heart of the sale and who will deliver first class customer service. The agent must be able to market your property effectively across a variety of channels to the largest possible pool of relevant potential buyers. Online coverage, specialist departments, local market knowledge and a commitment to helping you achieve the best price are all factors to consider.

If you are thinking of moving, now is a great time. With the threat of interest rises on the horizon, and a shortage of properties on the market, sellers are in a good position. So if you want to make the most of market conditions, and be settled in for Christmas now is the time to speak to a trusted agent and set the ball rolling with a free market appraisal.

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