Are you brave enough to live in the UK’s most haunted village?


pumpkinSpooky season is upon us, and in honour of Halloween 2014 we are taking a look at the UK’s most haunted location.

Named as the Guinness World Records’ most haunted village in England in 1989, Pluckley in Kent is rumoured to be home to between 12 and 16 ghosts. Its roll-call of phantoms includes; a screaming brick worker who is said to have fallen to his death, a schoolmaster found hanging by children, an old lady who died by accidently setting herself on fire, a farmer who shot himself and a highwayman killed by a sword and pinned to a tree at ‘Fright Corner’. But despite its grim history, and the residents who believe these tortured soles are still very much present in the locality, the pretty village is an idyllic place to live.

The epitome of village life, Pluckley boasts pretty cottages, a welcoming pub, a post-office and a butchers. Indeed the village was actually the TV filming location for the quintessentially British and distinctly ‘un-scary’ Darling Buds of May in the early 90s. With its beautiful rolling countryside and distinctive renovated properties, it’s hard to see how a couple of troubled spirits could deter anyone from living in the village. Indeed some might say that rather than deter would-be residents from moving to the area, tales of ghosts and ghouls might attract them. Such legends add to the historic interest and character of the village and, if nothing else, provide the perfect dinner party conversation!

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