Birth rate “under threat” from rental bias to singletons

A top industry representative speaking at the Council of Mortgage Lenders: Future Housing Conference this week has warned that a lack of  ‘family friendly’ rental property could impact the birth rate in the UK.

Yolande Barnes claimed that rental properties are heavily targeted towards childless couples and single person households.  As such, she warned that those who would like start a family don’t have enough housing options to do so.

With the continued squeeze on mortgage lending, many people are unable to buy their own homes and choose instead to rent.  However, with most rental stock aimed at single people or couples,  Barnes argued that lack of space and less opportunity to upgrade to a larger rental property would lead people to delay having children.

Barnes said: “There comes a point when households stop forming when there isn’t a property to move into. We face a real danger in this country of a falling birth rate.

She said there was a lot of scope for investors to expand into family accommodation and a broader range of property types beyond smaller apartments.

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2 Responses to Birth rate “under threat” from rental bias to singletons

  1. avatar Rob Slack says:

    Good; we are overpopulated.

    (It is more to do with Ford scrapping Cortinas:))

  2. avatar Rosemary says:

    What a load of tosh! It is only in the decades since the 2nd World War that more people have wanted to buy houses rather than rent them. Previously families rented and were often quite large with many children sharing each bedroom. If people want children they will probably have them. Infact I would say that the large mortgages that young people have to take out these days are as much off putting to starting a family as renting a house might be. Plus many have student loan debts of £20K plus make mortgaes even less affordable. What we need is more affordable housing to rent that is secure as in the days of traditional council housing when a tenacy was for life and the rent did not go up every year! Private landlords like to get their higher rents to pay their big mortgages.Bring back good quality council homes with room for families to grow with secure tenacies!