Bring in the Legal Eagles – £100 discount for First Time Buyers

Purchasing your first ever home may seem a little daunting and when it comes to organising the legalities of your purchase it’s definitely time to bring in the experts.

If you are a first time buyer its vital that you do your homework.  Aside from the actual house purchase decision, you need to get a mortgage agreement in place, organise insurance, and ensure that the property you wish to purchase is in good condition by commissioning a survey.  Although you will need professionals to point you in the right direction for all of these requirements they are, at least, fairly simple to understand.  When it comes to the legalities of your purchase however, things can get a little more complex. 

Considering the fact that many first timers don’t even understand what a professional conveyancer does, it is imperative that you employ a reputable professional who can explain each stage of the process and take care of any issues that may arise. 

Conveyancing is required in order to ensure that the property you are buying is correctly recorded in the name of the new owner, that it has been transferred free of any mortgages and liabilities relating to the previous owner, and that the property has all the necessary rights of way and planning consents that you might need.  Ensuring that the property is transferred on these terms requires a significant chunk of work and much liaison on the side of your legal representative and that of the vendor. 

The good news is that there are plenty of good quality professional conveyancing companies that can take care of the legal complexities on your behalf.  When appointing a legal representative for your property purchase however, you should always ensure they have the relevant experience and a property specialism.  Countrywide Conveyancing Services are not only specialists with the largest property conveyancing network in the UK, they are also committed to helping first time buyers get a foot on the property ladder.  As such they are currently offering a £100 discount* to all first time buyers for a limited period.  Further information can be found at

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