Brits Out in the Cold

Brits paying more than Australians and US citizens for their utilities

As Labour leader Ed Miliband promises a freeze on gas and electricity prices, Budget Direct shows just how much more Brits are paying than their US and Australian counterparts.

Following round after round of price hikes from Britain’s gas and electricity companies, many UK householders are feeling the strain caused by higher monthly utility bills. A new cost comparison tool from Budget Direct reveals that Brits not only pay more for their utilities than they used to, but they also have to shell out more than the residents of Australia and the US.

The Australian-based insurance provider’s interactive tool allows you to compare various everyday costs – the price of property, utilities, weekly shops, eating out, etc – for nine cities across the world: London, Manchester and Birmingham in the UK, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the US, and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia.

You can find the online tool at Budget Direct’s website.

Using the tool, it’s found that basic utilities – electricity, heating, water and rubbish collection – for an 85m2 apartment cost Brits £139.86 per month, with London residents typically paying around £20 more per month than those in other parts of the country. Yet Australians typically pay just £126.69 per month, while US residents pay a mere £88.91.

In his speech to the Labour Party Conference, party leader Ed Miliband pledged to “reset” the energy market by placing a freeze on gas and electricity bills for 20 months, should Labour take power in the 2015 election.

UK residents have faced regular above-inflation price hikes from the so-called ‘big six’ energy companies in recent years, to the point that Mr Miliband has accused them of overcharging customers to the tune of £3.9 billion since 2010, without passing on reductions in the wholesale prices they have been paying for gas and electricity.

As the Budget Direct data highlights just how much Brits are paying for utilities compared to the citizens of Australia and the US, the imposition of a freeze on gas and electricity prices is likely to be welcomed by householders across the country.

However, Brits can comfort themselves with the fact that internet bills and the cost of home cleaning help are cheaper in the UK than in the other two countries.

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