Choosing the right agent can make or break your sale

Selling a property can be a daunting task. There are many elements to consider and ensuring you achieve the right price at the right time can be a stressful experience. However, by choosing the right estate agent to facilitate your sale, many of these worries can be eliminated.

Walk down any busy town high street and it’s more than likely that you will encounter at least 5 or 6 estate agency offices. If you’re selling a property the choice of agents is huge and it may be difficult to know where to start. Following these simple steps will help you ask the right questions and ensure you work with a team ideally suited to your needs.

1. Find out if your agency has a wider support network

Often an agency that is part of a larger group can offer significant benefits. With economies of scale they are likely to provide more extensive market coverage, meaning greater exposure and more potential buyers for your property

2. Research the agent’s approach to marketing

Some agents may claim to promote your property to a wide audience but are you sure they are reaching the larges possible cross-section of potential buyers. 93% of buyers now start their property search online and it is vital that your property is listed on the UK’s leading property portals to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable online views.

3. Ensure your agent is committed to communication

Your agent’s attitude to your sale and their general approach to you is often overlooked. It is important to chose an agent who keeps in touch with you and maintains momentum keeping potential buyers excited and engaged and you informed throughout the process!

4. Local market knowledge

Find an agent who has the best of both worlds. A large network will ensure maximum coverage and exposure but local knowledge will play and imperative part in advising you how to price your property and demographical demand in that particular location. This is important, for example, knowing that there is an influx of families to the area looking for properties with good schools could make properties with multiple bathrooms more attractive and potentially increase their value.

5. More services = less hassle

Choose an agent that can offer all the related services you require under one roof. It can often be time-consuming and cumbersome to visit different providers for different services. The advantages of dealing with one company who can look after your EPC, conveyancing, and financial needs can help save time and money.

At Countrywide our network of branches sold £18.6bn of property in 2014. This expertise and experience combined with the fact that we ensure our client’s properties appear on the UK’s leading property portals ensures that we are superbly placed to generate maximum interest for every sale property. The success of this strategy speaks for itself and we are proud to report that across the Countrywide group of we agree a property sale every 1.6 minutes!

With statics like these and our complete range of mortgage, surveying and conveyancing services, look no further than a Countrywide agent to help you get on the path to landlord success.

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