Could your property be an Olympic winner?

With only a couple of months to go, canny home owners with properties located London or close to the Olympic Games venues are getting ready to cash in on short-term let opportunities.

Do you have a property that has easy access to the some of the UK’s Olympic Games venues?  If so, it could be wise to consider letting your home out for the event weeks.  Depending on the size and location of your property, moving in with friends or relatives for  a short while could pay huge dividends.  Letting your home out to strangers however doesn’t come without its risks.  For that reason it is essential that you work with a reputable lettings agent to ensure potential short term tenants are vetted properly and that all relevant deposits, lettings agreements and inventories are in place to protect your interests.

Short-term event tenants come in all shapes and sizes so it isn’t necesary to have a huge house or a top quality penthouse appartment.  All types of property could prove popular.  If you are tempted at the prospect of letting out your home on a short-term basis for the Olympic period, take a look at the examples below and contact your local Countrywide lettings agent for further information.

1 Bed Bargain 

Beautifully finished and with off-street parking, this one bedroom appartment is ideally located in East London and has easy access to the Olymic park. It provides the ideal event base for a couple or singleton and is offered for rent on a short term basis at £1,500 per week.

3 Bed Base

This property in Acton provides the perfect solution for  sharers or a family looking for a London base during the Olympics.  All bills are included and the property even has its own private garden.  Decorated in a lovely fresh clean manner this home is available over the Olympic period for £2,800 a week.


Unique, contemporary, spacious and stunning are just a few words used to describe this fantastic home in South West London.  Offered on a short-let basis this could provide a base for both the Olympics and the Wimbledon Tennis tournament. Its 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms and a large garden are available for £8,500 per week.



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