Countrywide Auctions are top of their game

Countrywide Property Auctions has held over three times as many property auction sales as any of its competitors in 2012, and more are planned for the later half of the year.

With the economy still in a state of flux and property sales still significantly lower than they were in the glory years more than a decade ago, more and more individuals wishing to buy and sell property are looking for an alternative to the traditional route.

Property Auctions provide an environment in which vendors can get quick results and an instant sale whilst maintaining a bottom line reserve price. Similarly, buyers can benefit from the potential to pick up a bargain and the ability to secure a purchase in a timely fashion.

Countrywide are specialists in the property market and understand the importance of providing buyers and sellers with a wide variety of sale and purchase options.  In recognition of this demand for auction based transactions, the team at Countrywide Auctions have significantly increased the volume of auction sales they hold and have already held over 3o auction sales across numerous key locations in the UK this year.  This volume of sales outstrips the number of sales held by any of its competitors three times over.

The general public’s interest in auction sales is not limited to any specific geographical region.  People all over the country are keen to attend property sale events and, in recognition of this, Countrywide prides itself on its localised focus.   Each and every sale is held in an easily accessible venue located in many of the UK’s best known towns and cities including; London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Plymouth, Glasgow and more.

Countrywide Property Auctions is the largest regional property auctioneers to sell residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural properties and land by auction in the UK.  To view properties included in our auctions and to get a schedule of dates and veunes visit Countrywide Property Auctions.

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