Cycling from Ipswich to Southend!

Online Tour TeamBit of a personal one from me this week. Myself and my colleagues from Countrywide head office all signed up to do the 130km leg of The Countrywide Great Tour, from Ipswich to Southend. All in aid of charity, with all of us ignoring our sanity!

Friday 7th August, day 35 of The Countrywide Great Tour. Five of the Online Marketing and PR team, myself included made our way to Ipswich where our bikes would be waiting for us. To say we had trained wasn’t entirely true, we were five novice cyclists up for a challenge, and most importantly to raise money for each of our nominated charities.

Not knowing what to expect was a very daunting feeling. All I knew was that it was going to be a huge challenge for someone who had only been out once on her new bike that she got a week before the ride!

I think I can speak for all of my fellow riders when I say that it hurt, we faced some epic hills and it was hot. The support team however made it so much easier, and most importantly kept us all going. I would not have been able to finish if it wasn’t for the help and advice that I was given all the way round.

Arriving safely in Southend after 8 hours on a bike was an overwhelming feeling of achievement, there were tears and lots of happy smiles. To see our team from the local Bairstow Eves branches was just the welcome we all needed.

we did it!It was one of the best experiences in my life, I am so proud that we did it. It is definitely an achievement that in years to come I will look back on and smile. So to my colleagues, Christine Webb, Zara Pasalar, Leanne Halsey and Toby Dunn you are all amazing and it was a pleasure riding alongside you all.

So far as a group Countrywide have raised an amazing £24,242 for a variety of charities, there’s still time to sign up or donate, follow the teams progress on Facebook.


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