Dangerous driving habits revealed

Drivers in a rush in the morning are risking their safety and that of others by continuing the morning routine in the car, research has revealed.

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Research has revealed the bad and often dangerous habits that UK motorists have fallen into, from wearing inappropriate shoes to even having a shave or applying makeup.

It was found that 40% of women admit to driving in high heels, while 10% of people have driven in their slippers before.

Many people have even opted to drive barefoot, with 22% of men and 24% of women admitting to this potentially dangerous habit.

More worryingly, it seems that some men and women are using the commute to work in order to finish getting ready for the day ahead.

It was found that one in ten women have applied makeup behind the wheel, while 15% of men have had a shave while driving.

“It’s deeply worrying that many drivers have such little regard for their own and others’ safety that they will apply make-up, shave and eat at the wheel, or wear unsuitable footwear,” said Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive at Brake, a road safety charity.

Other potentially dangerous common practices include eating and drinking, which 46% are guilty of, and changing music in the car – which 49% regularly do.

“Driving is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously and given your full attention,” added Ms Townsend.

“We all live hectic lives, and people often feel cocooned in their vehicles, but we need to bear in mind that a lapse of concentration at the wheel can lead to needless tragedies.

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous driving habits revealed

  1. Sadly there are so many people out there who carry out these destractive actions whilst driving – not only being stupid and dangerous to themselves but selfish to all other drivers. Try getting up ten minutes earlier!!

  2. If you rent a car and don’t pay their insurance, they don’t make you show proof of insurance. In that case, if something happened, you would be fully liable for everything including if someone else was hurt and any damage that happens to someone else’s property. Not a good idea.The rental company will have insurance that you can pay extra for and it will be marked up considerably but is better than not being insured at all. So no, you don’t need to have insurance in advance.

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