Do you travel further than the average 8.8 miles to work? Maybe it’s time to cut your commute…

LondonAs the old saying goes, choosing a home is all about, ‘location, location, location’. Never is this more true than when you are considering your journey to work.  Propertywide’s innovative new Travel Time tool allows you to easily identify available properties within your preferred commute radius.

In the UK, many of us spend a considerable part of our lives travelling to and from work, and although technology has made remote working more common, the vast majority are required to travel to a designated building or location. This, combined with rush hour traffic, means that many UK residents find that their daily commute uses up a considerable chunk of time, often increasing an average 37 1/2 hour working week to more than 40 hours.

According to the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey for England, the average commuting distance in 2013 was 8.8 miles and the average time spent travelling to work was 29 minutes. 69% use their car to commute, 9% commute by train, 9% walk, 7% take the train and 6% use other methods of transport.

The statistics above represent the average across England, however, on a regional basis the statistics are likely to indicate much longer commute times. According to the Office for National Statistics Commuting Patterns in the UK Report 2011, there are 42 local authorities in the UK from which at least 10% of working residents commute to London.  This indicates that people in the South East are travelling much further than the average 8.8 miles and, as such, daily return commute times are likely to be at least 2 hours or more.

For those who are looking to move and are tired off the daily schlep to work it might be wise to consider focusing their search on properties within an agreeable commute radius. This however is easier said than done. Driving around a local area or researching rail links could help, but both of these methods are often time consuming and inaccurate as they are only indicative of real traffic levels during rush hour. However, for those facing this problem all is not lost. Propertywide have launched an innovative new tool which allows house hunters to enter their desired property criteria, the postcode their place of work,  maximum desired commute time and mode of transport. The clever piece of software will then display you all available properties that meet that criteria and fall within the desired commute radius.

The functionality works for both sale and rental properties and if work isn’t your priority you can enter the destination postcode for your child’s school, a hospital or even relative’s house.

Cut your commute and try out the new Propertywide Travel Time tool today.




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