Don’t let mess knock £8,000 off your house price!

According to a survey published in the Telegraph, four in ten buyers would be less likely to buy a home if the child’s bedroom was full of clutter, and most of these people would use the mess as a way to negotiate a lower price.

The majority of people would ask for a reduction of 5 per cent, whilst one in ten people would ask for up to 30 per cent to be knocked off the price. The average Uk house price is £161,667, meaning a 5% reduction would knock £8,083 off a property’s price.

Messy bedrooms are not the only turn-off for buyers, two-thirds were put off by smelly bathrooms and six in ten by grubby kitchens. Other detrimental factors included animal hairs, pet smells, overgrown lawns and rude vendors.

This information is extremely useful for sellers as it hammers home the fact that not presenting your property to its full potential can have a definite negative impact on the bottom line sales price.

Presentation is everything and although it may be draining to keep your sale property immaculate for multiple viewings (especially if you have kids), it’s well worth the effort if your property manages to impress a buyer! For a full rundown on how to present your property and achieve the best sale read our guide to selling.

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