Downsize in Style

With yesterday’s report from Age UK claiming that around 800,000 elderly people are not getting pink cottage the social care support they need, it highlights the importance of planning your home and living arrangements for your golden years.  The twighlight of life should be enjoyed and savored, and living close to friends and family in a property that is homely, manageable and practical can make all the difference.
Downsizing is a popular and sensible option and if you’re one of the many individuals choosing to  trade down, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind.  Firstly be aware that moving home can be stressful.  From the property search, to selling your current home, organising a survey and  arranging the legalities there’s lots to do.  Employing the services of a reliable and helpful estate agent will take many of these worries off your mind.

Aside from the practical demands of a property move, you should also carefully consider the location of the property you wish to downsize to – you may wish to remain in a location where you have good neighbours and a strong support network.  If you are moving to a new area, maybe to be closer to family members, check out the local amenities, shops and leisure activities. Do they appeal to you, and will they provide a platform for making new like-minded friends? 

When downsizing it’s also wise to consider space, you may be keen to cut down on cleaning and maintenance by switching from a four bed house to a one bed apartment, but are you really ready to give up the extra room? Think about how often you entertain friends in your home or how often you have your grandchildren over to stay – be practical about the space you need.

Lastly, if this is the last move you want to make it’s wise  to plan ahead.  Think about the maintenance of gardens and grounds, practical bathrooms, single storey options, any extra on-site assistance you may eventually require, and the potential benefits of communal living areas.

By taking a practical approach you can ensure your golden years are spent living in a warm and comfortable environment, leaving you happy and relaxed, ready to enjoy the years ahead in style.

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