Dream Features for Your Next Home

When you look around your next home you will be looking at the place where you are going to be spending the majority of your life until you move again. You’re looking at one of the most expensive purchase you will make for years – if not ever – and you’re looking at somewhere that will have a huge impact on the rest of your life. This is in short one of the single most important purchase you will ever make and you need to get it right.

And of course if you have a little bit of disposable income, you might want to make sure that you do this perfectly and that you fulfil your dreams by getting the kind of home that many people only dream about. There are certain things that you can get in a home that make it much more than just your average property, and this is one way to ensure that you will love living in the new property and that you will be the envy of all your guests. Here we will look at some of those features that almost everyone seems to wish they had.


After the Momement

Firstly, a balcony is something that can elevate almost any property into the ‘highly desirable category’. Balconies are highly romantic and are well know from plays such as Romeo and Juliet as the location of many romantic scenes. At the same time they provide a perfect way to get away from it all and to enjoy some fresh air, and if you smoke it’s an ideal way to have a drag without having to go downstairs and put your shoes on. Whether it’s for reading the paper in the morning while the sun comes up or for romantic evenings with your partner, a balcony can add a huge amount to your home.

Sea View

Alexandria coast

This is something that instantly increases the value of any property, and in itself that is enough to make it more desirable. At the same time though a property with a sea view also of course gives you something highly scenic to look at and can be highly restful. We all find inspiration looking out to sea, and so this is a perfect way to feel relaxed and at ease. Of course views of anything are nice, and if you have a view of an old castle or something similar then that can be very much a bonus too.

Swimming Pool


If there’s one feature you associate with the homes of wealthy celebrities then it’s a swimming pool. If you have the weather for it then this is even better, but even an indoor swimming pool is very cool giving you a way that’s fun to stay in shape and to unwind after a hard day. Oh and you can have pool parties.

Hot Tubs

Hot tub, envigoration, Hverager├░i

And while you’re at it, why stop short of transforming your home into a day spa practically? There are many things that can help you to unwind or entertain guests from a hot tub to a sauna and steam room.

Garden Pods


Garden pods are small shed like structures in your garden that are designed to create a great isolated and calm workspace that can help you to unwind and focus on your work. They’re also ideal for being very green and modern looking.


Michael King is a real estate and property specialist and writes for Your Lanzarote Property. Michael helps buyers decide on a property suitable to their needs and believes that you shouldn’t hesitate to spend extra if you are getting any of these features in a home.

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