Energy Saving Measures Could Increase Property Value

The Implementing energy saving improvements to your property could boost it’s value by an average of 14% according to the latest research.

The findings from this new research conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), suggest that home owners could command more than £16,000 extra for their properties by moving them from EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) band G to E, or from band D to B. For residents in the North East a move from band G to E could act to push up the value of their property by more than £25,000, while this figure stands at £23,000 for those living the North West.

Commenting on the figures, which looked at more 300,000 property sales in England between 1995 and 2011, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker, said: “We have long known the benefits of making energy saving improvements to the home, but this study is real evidence of the huge potential rewards.” “Not only can energy efficient improvements help protect you against rising energy prices, but they can also add real value to your property. This Coalition is committed to helping hardworking families with the cost of living. The Green Deal is designed to do exactly that.” The Green Deal is helping more people make these types of home improvements, reducing high upfront costs and letting people pay for some the cost through the savings on their bills.

The Green Deal is a great option for anyone wanting to improve the look, feel and potentially the value of their home.”The research also revealed that the most marked increased in property values moving from EPC band G to E would be in the capital, with this measure lifting the price of an average London home by staggering £41,808.

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  1. avatar carl bull says:

    Ihave been wanting to go ahead with the green deal for 3 months but all I get told by green deal developers is that they can not start implementing saving renovations due to no finance available yet.

  2. avatar Barney X. Moss says:

    The money is not paid back directly to the lender, but added to the property’s energy bills. The person in charge of the energy bills is therefore responsible for repayments (even if the property changes hands).