Essential Items For Moving Into Your New Rented Room

Udo's new playroomMost people can’t afford to buy a home quite so quickly these days. With the current financial situation being screwed up it’s almost impossible to find someone to loan you the money. That means more people than ever before are having to rent out a room in a stranger’s flat. If this is a completely alien concept to you then things could go wrong. You could turn up without essentials.You will have access to a kitchen and a bathroom, but you will still need to cover the items in your own room. If you turn up one day without anything you might find yourself sleeping on the couch. Always be aware that you need to find out what you need before you move in. Here are some of the basic things you should have.

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Somewhere to sleep

There’s a good chance that you will be provided with a bed. But it’s still a chance. The only way you can prevent sleeping on the couch is by making sure you ask before hand if there is one available. They might not even be too comfortable with someone sleeping in the middle of the living room. What if they want to watch a movie.

Sometimes you will get a bed but it will only be a little single. That’s no good if you’ve been used to sleeping in a big double bed. You will have a big shock to the system, and what if you want to invite company over? Will they sleep on the floor? You can organize something and make sure you can bring your own bed.

New blanketsYou need sheets and a blanket

You usually can’t expect someone to provide you with sheets and a blanket. A bed seems reasonable, but you have to remember they aren’t your mom. They won’t make sure you’re bed has linen and come to tuck you in at night. Think about all the others that have probably slept on the bed and you will make sure you have something to lay on.

It can also get pretty cold at night. Maybe the person you’re going to be living with doesn’t like it to be too hot. It’s not really a good idea to come in and start trying to change everything right of the bat. If you bring your own blanket you won’t have to worry about what temperature it is. You will be warm no matter what.

And a few extras

If you like to read at night then you should bring your own reading lamp. Little things like that can knock you off your routine. What will you do if you can’t read Harry Potter before you go to sleep? And it’s a good idea to bring something to sit it on. You might get a bedside table; you might not.

So you can wake up in the morning you should take an alarm clock. Another simple thing that’s easy to forget. Can you imagine the look on your boss’s face when you tell him you never made it to work because your new flat mate never woke you up? Just think about everything you would expect and write it down. This should be everything you take with you and you’ll be fine.


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2 Responses to Essential Items For Moving Into Your New Rented Room

  1. Great article – I’ll take all the info I need when moving into my new place Friday! 😀 x

    • avatar G Webster says:

      Not much advice in this article. You really should try to visit first to see what there is provided, ask about things like fridge/ cupboard space, cooking arrangements. Try and get a feel for the flat mates as you will probably be spending some time in the place together, sharing a bathroom etc. Also they may have pets you can’t do with. Remember, there may not be a lock on he door where you are keeping your possessions.