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Christmas Interiors
In this edition we are going to look at the latest interior trends for the festive season, yes we are in November and the Coca-Cola Christmas advert has been fully aired so it is that time of year again. From the simple and chic to the bold and bright we are sure there will be something here to get you motivated.


Natural inspiration

imagesCA7Y6W2RThis style of décor is perfect for those who wish to opt out of the commercial side of the season but still want to add that bit of festive magic to your home.

Foraging has become a popular trend and many people are looking for an alternative way to celebrate Christmas without the added expense. Natural inspiration means that you will focusing on the fresh evergreen tones, pine cones, wood and other natural materials to decorate your home.

Natural DecorationsHomemade garlands are very traditional but can also look contemporary, they are easy to make and you will have lots of fun gathering the materials from outside and you can even do your bit for your local businesses by visiting little craft shops and Christmas fairs.

For more tips and ideas on how to create beautiful decorations go to https://www.pinterest.com/lesliesmitty/christmas-natural/ or http://www.naturedetectives.org.uk/download/natural_christmas_decorations.htm
Garlands and handmade wreaths look great wrapped around wooden blinds, fireplaces and curtain poles. By using an array of rich greens, reds and gold tones you can create a stunning display that will really catch the eye.

Festive Lighting

Holiday-Festive-LightingCandles, lots of candles. To create a warm twinkly look at night jam jars and tin cars are ideal for holding tea lights or larger pillar candles. Keep the colours natural and highlight with red berries, co-ordinate the room by adding red cushions or a plaid throw over your sofa. If you have the luxury of an open fire what better way to get into the festive spirit then to sit next to a blazing fire adorned by candle light. For more tips and ideas take a look at http://www.housetohome.co.uk/room-idea/picture/christmas-lights-decorating-ideas/more

Holiday-Festive-LightingOn the other hand you may like to be bold and fill your home with bright lights and novelty items that entertain the family and bring hours of enjoyment to those who love this part of the Festive season! A mixture of colours and textures will create a Winter Wonderland to match that of Santa’s himself.


The Perfect Tree

Xmas TreesIf you are going to go for the natural look it of course has to be a real tree, for this look it shouldn’t swamp the room and only be decorated with tiny white fairy lights. Use winter flowers such as cream hyacinths and red poinsettias to bring the look together. With this you will also get that lovely fresh scent from both the flowers and of course the tree.
Some artificial trees can also look fantastic, they can be pre-lit saving you the time of hanging lights and of course the added bonus is that they don’t shed so you won’t be vacuuming every day! Depending on what look you want to achieve artificial trees can be non-traditional, try opting for a slightly darker theme and go for a tree with a blue or black tint. These are slightly more luxurious and harder to come by but they do look amazing in homes with a ‘tougher’ style of décor they may not be conventional but they do look sexy.

Modern ideas for those a bit tight on space

imagesCAQC7RRPEven if you do relish the idea of a big tree and all the trimmings, a space-consuming tree might not physically fit into your humble home. Not to mention, small children (and puppies!) are prone to bumping into obstacles and chewing low hanging temptations. So whether it’s for space, safety or you just can’t be bothered taking down the tree in January, there’s a fantastic range of personalised wall stickers available online from www.notonthehighstreet.com  and in the shops. From trees compiled from your family names to reindeers, wreaths and Christmas greetings, it’s simple to create a festive centre piece without losing a chunk of your living room. Plus the kids will love seeing their names etched onto your walls. Small ornaments and table centre pieces can sometimes add that festive touch in place of everyday objects the idea here is to create a look that fits into your home, holly and tinsel around picture frames will give your home that extra bit of festive magic.

Whatever theme you decide to choose or perhaps you have a set tradition each year it will surely be a stunning masterpiece that most importantly reflects your personality and captures the season and what it means to you and your family.

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