Festive Traditions

Festive TraditionsHere at Propertywide we are sure that each and everyone one of us celebrates the Festive Season in our own unique way, some quirky, some very traditional and most of us will have a strict routine when it comes to Christmas Day!

Family traditions can involve a wealth of things that happen in the run up to Christmas Day. After a few conversations with friends and colleagues here at Propertywide see if you can relate to any of these festive activities:

The 1st December
A day of declaration that Christmas is upon us, most people have admitted to turning up the radio to listen to a classic Christmas tune. Others will put their tree and decorations up on this day, but more importantly it means that we can all open that mysterious first window on our advent calendars and begin the countdown.

Christmas Eve
You are almost at the finishing line, for the last 24 days you have been shopping, decorating your house, attending plays, drinking, dancing at your work do and visiting family. Is it time to stop? No! All the last minute wrapping and baking, present and card deliveries, the vegetable preparation and of course prepping the Turkey. Once the mad rush is over its time to relax, maybe get a takeaway have a glass of wine and put on a classic Christmas film, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time in your home with your family and the people that you love.
For all of you with children I am sure that this is easier said than done as I remember how excited I was as a child and how hard it was to settle and go to sleep the only way would be my parents stating ‘Santa doesn’t come to children who don’t go to sleep’ it was a magical feeling. My brother and I would both have new pyjamas and be tucked up in our beds trying to get to sleep by 9pm.

Christmas Day – It’s here
6am on the dot seems to be the time that most families are awoken and encouraged to make their way into the living/drawing/main room (whatever you may call it) to see if Santa has been and delivered presents. As children we were always encouraged to read the tag out first so we knew who Santa had delivered the gift for but it always ended up as a mad hour where the house would be covered in wrapping paper, bows and card board boxes that used to contain toys.
The kitchen is always known as the heart of a home, it’s where everything happens especially on Christmas day. A feast is prepared to feed an army all waiting for the moment where they can sit down, pull a cracker and enjoy being together. It’s then traditionally the male relations of the packs job to do the washing up and clean the kitchen.
After this its back to the living room to watch TV and snooze away the large helpings of dinner, this was always my favourite time of the day as it meant I could really look at the toys I had received in the morning and play with them in my bedroom.

Boxing Day
Or otherwise known as left over day! Cold meats, pickle, cheese, pork pie and crisps, in between that plenty of chocolate. Another favourite is of course to hit the Sales, this can be a brilliant idea if you are in fact thinking of freshening up or modernising your home in the New Year, we all know that there are some great bargains to be had and the sooner you get out to get them the better, especially if you have a big project planned.
All of the above may sound very familiar to you or you may have your very own traditions that make the Festive season special to you and your family. If you do let us know we would love to hear them.

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