From Tongue to Wick, day 20 of The Countrywide Great Tour

The great TourOur very own Countrywide Ambassador James Dowling will be cycling through Tongue tomorrow making his way across to Wick on day 20 of his 64 day journey around the coastline of the UK.

So far James has cycled his way from Holyhead to Scourie, he has faced sunburn and slept overnight in a bar, but he is still going strong.

During each leg James has been joined by a variety of his colleagues across the whole of Countrywide, all have been amazing so far, and are all helping to raise money for all of the tours associated charities.

Each day James has been keeping us updated with his journey via Facebook and Twitter, from inspiring group pictures to beautiful views of the UK’s glorious coastline.

To keep updated on James journey add our Countrywide Ambassador page on Facebook, he still has a jam packed 44 days to go until he arrives back in Holyhead on Saturday the 5th September.

Watch this space!



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