Half a million new homes needed before the end of the decade

House BuildsLocal Authorities across England and Wales are demanding that plans are made to build half a million new homes before the end of the decade. It is being described as a ‘national scandal’, and that the current shortage of affordable housing is an emerging nightmare.

The Local Government Agency (LGA), who represents 370 councils across England and Wales, are calling for some drastic action to be taken. Last year 110,000 houses were built in England, half the number that is actually required to provide adequate, affordable housing for families.

Some of the measures the LGA want to see taken are:

– Incentives for private developers to speed up building on sites that already have planning permission

– New local Land Trusts which would allocate publicly owned land for house building

– A removal of the borrowing cap, which limits the amount councils can borrow to build new homes

If action isn’t taken soon, the LGA believe that Britain will be short of a million homes by the end of the decade. They believe that if given the correct powers local councils could build homes at scale, like they did in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. As a result of the lack of affordable housing over three million adults are currently living with their parents.

During the last two parliaments, figures have shown that the number of people under 45 who can afford to live in their own home has fallen by a fifth. These new plans to build half a million new homes would transform the lives of thousands of families across the UK.




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