Haunted Towns – the spookiest places to live and visit ……

Haunted townsThe streets will soon be filled with trick or treaters as Halloween fast approaches. It’s not only the kids who enjoy a bit of frightful fun, adults are getting more involved too! With parties and ‘fright nights’ becoming a big trend, where would be the spookiest place to go to get your heart racing?

Making it onto our most haunted list are:

Harlow Wood, near Mansfield in Nottingham

At the bottom of the rise, leading up into Harlow Wood, there is a memorial stone for Elizabeth Shepherd. This ghostly story originates from 1817, Elizabeth had arrived in Mansfield to look for work. On her way home she was attacked and killed by a man called Charles Rotherham.

She was left by the side of the road, this stone was erected where her body was found. It is said she appears if the stone is moved or tampered with.

Palace Theatre, Westcliff on Sea

This theatre was built in the early 20th Century and opened in 1912, it is still open today. The ghost of George, the theatres former manager is also still in residence!¬†George’s story is a sad one, his love of the theatre left him in great financial difficulties and he hung himself from the fly floor.

He still loves to watch the performances that are held at the theatre, so if you visit and have a spare seat, he may join you to watch the show!

Winnats Pass, near Castleton in Derbyshire

Winnatts Pass is a narrow gorge, the only direct route from the west of Castleton. In the 18th century, the peak forest was an area where any couple could elope and get married.

A young couple, Henry and Clara were heading there in 1758, their parents didn’t approve of their marriage so the decision to elope was made. Making their way through the pass they were attacked by lead miners, who killed them both.

When the rain falls and the wind blows through the pass you can hear the couple pleading for their lives.




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