How much is your partner worth?

A fifth of UK adults would cash in their partner for £1 million or even less, new research has found.

21% of Brits currently in a relationship admitted they would sell their partner for a sizeable fee if possible.

Highlighting the importance of life insurance, research from a price comparison website found 19% of women and 24% of men would let their partner leave for £1 million or less.

If cash was on the table, a large number of people would let their partners go for considerably less as well. The research found that 20% of men and 14% of women would settle for £500,000 cash to trade in their partner.

14% of women and 9% of men would accept as little as £100,000 or less, given the opportunity. 4% of people currently in relationships would let their other half go for nothing.

The research found that a third of those surveyed had no life insurance at all.

Jeremy Cryer, from, said; “Realistically we’re not going to get the opportunity to sell our partner but sometimes we don’t have a choice about when they’re taken away.”

“It’s not a subject people like to talk about but when it comes to looking at your partner’s life insurance you need to be a bit selfish. Most people in our survey said that their partner was priceless. It’s a lovely sentiment, but losing a partner, especially if you’re parents, can have a heavy and tangible financial impact as well as an emotional one,” he continued.

“We asked people to think about how much they’d sell their partners for. It was a light hearted question but with a serious intent as it hopefully made them think about how much money they’d need if their partners weren’t around,” commented Mr. Cryer.

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