New Guide for those trying to buy a home in a sellers’ market

get_the_home_you_really_want-2[1]A buoyant property market is great if you’ve got a property to sell, but it’s really tough for house hunters. We provided some statistics on the housing market for Foresters Friendly Society, who have produced a guide for house hunters. The resulting guide is really useful for anyone trying to buy a home in the current market.

What’s going on?

As Foresters says, and as we know all too well, there aren’t enough properties coming on to the market to meet the demand. This is pushing up prices and putting more pressure on buyers – particularly as this situation is resulting in more open house viewings.

“30 couples viewed a property in 20 minutes”

Foresters Friendly Society quotes first-time buyer Kirsty Kelly, who works for a marketing agency in Bristol and has first-hand experience of open house viewings. She said: “Last week, 30 couples viewed a property in the 20 minutes I was there. You make a full and final offer after looking at a house and then wait and see if your bid was successful. We’ve had our hopes raised and now we try not to get too excited when we see a house we like.”

Help available, right here!

For anyone who is looking for a house, or has already found themselves in this situation, the guide has some useful advice about how to get yourself in the best position to get the property you want.

Download Guide

Guide written by the Foresters Friendly Society.

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4 Responses to New Guide for those trying to buy a home in a sellers’ market

  1. avatar Kamilla Graven says:

    “there aren’t enough properties coming on to the market” – Correction: the supply is fine, the buy-to-let investors and the low deposits allowed are what is really inflating the market. The buy-to-let investors are usually cash buyers, which in the eyes of the sellers is always good as they can complete pretty quickly; the low deposit buyers think they can afford anything just because they don’t have to put forward a huge upfront payment, but their affordability is misleading. And I’m not even mentioning the buy-to-leave people, another evil on its own. Now the newspapers are calling it’s the best time to rent in London – WHAT?! Are you kidding me?

  2. avatar katyb says:

    “Open House” doesn’t always work!!
    As a buyer, I have been put off by open house viewings.
    I can’t always make these and agents and/or owners seem unwilling to accommodate viewings prior to or after this.
    If a property hasn’t gone on the “open day” then viewing it afterwards would be a pointless exercise as the property would probably be unsaleable or priced far too high.

  3. avatar Roy says:

    Build a bridge and get over it. The UK is 25 years behind the rest of the real estate world. property has been sold in this way in new Zealand and Australia like this for at least the last 2 decades. Hopefully next to go will be muppets who put offers in on houses before they have sold their own. We simply wouldn’t consider an offer for our house from a buyer who had a house to sell – they aren’t a buyer but a dreamer and a tyre kicker.

  4. avatar John Southern says:

    Most of the country outside London is a buyers market. How to sell in a buyers market would be more useful.