How to save money on your energy bills

It’s that time of year again when the school gates reopen, the summer holidays become nothing but a distant memory….and energy firms push up their prices.

Autumn spells bad news for household bill payers as energy prices start to creep up just in time for the harsh winter months. But help is at hand. Here are three things you can do to ensure you reduce your energy bills this winter.

Swap suppliers

This is a quick way to make savings of up to £180 per year. You may want to consider fixing your tariff now before suppliers start to announce their price increases.

Comparing all tariffs and switching is easy and can be done by using the Propertywide comparison service. All you need is your postcode and an estimate of what you use on a monthly basis.

Scottish Power has an online energy fixed deal that will cost the average medium use customer around £1,052 per annum and their price won’t change until November 2013. This tariff is only £2 a year more expensive than Scottish Power’s cheapest plan – one of the top deals on the market.

Another best buy is the EDF Energy Blue Price Promise, which will guarantee no price increase for two winters and average savings for a medium use customer of up to £1,058 per annum.

Get advice

Everyone knows that sneaky energy firms are pricing people into fuel poverty. The energy affordability crisis is getting so out of control that the government has stepped in and called for action. Ofgem are consistently being forced to hit big energy firms with significant fines for their lack of transparency when dealing with consumers. Citizens Advice is running yet another ‘Big Energy Saving Week’ this year to combat the issue.

‘The Big Energy Saving Week’ aims to help thousands of households who are struggling to cope with rising energy prices. The national campaign is back for a second week this year following the success of the first ‘Big Energy Saving Week’ in January.

Be energy efficient

It’s not easy to resist the urge to turn up the heating during the bitterly cold months, but by being smart with your energy usage you can stay warm and within your budget. Turning the thermostat down by just one degree could potentially save as much as 10% on annual heating bills, making it an extremely effective way to reduce your bills. You could also set your heating timer to be switched off at a specific time and only come on one hour before waking up, to allow time for the house to heat up. Alternatively, invest in a high tog duvet and proper insulation with double glazing windows and doors.

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3 Responses to How to save money on your energy bills

  1. avatar dave says:

    So, someone who is not able to afford their energy bills is supposed to mitigate against this by forking out thousands of pounds for double glazing?

    • avatar Paul says:

      Having shaved circa 25% off ours as a result of a smart meter which shoes how much we were wasting simply by leaving powere sockets turned on despite the appliance not being turned in.

      My wife tested every electrical item in the house and now we use the halogen oven if just cooking small items instead of paying for the energy of hearing a whole oven.

      Just some examples but they worked. I was cynical initially but have to say it probably saved a few hundred quid at year end.

  2. avatar chris lifton says:

    make it a criminal offence for banks, absolutely anyone to trade energy on the commodies markets gleefully profiting and causing misery as they ever push the prices up. This is not supply and demand they are raking in a fortune off of the back of the British public who’s own assets i.e. the power stations the land they stood on ditto water coal were sold off on the cheap for others to profiteer from. It is now costing lives when the elderly and young have a choice to heat or eat!