Is money a barrier to the best education?

With students due to receive A-level results today, and some commentators partly blaming the education system for the recent UK riots, ‘good schools’ are a hot topic.

Newspaper columnists, politicians and social commentators are keen to air their views and a common theme is emerging: the impact financial wealth has on education and grades.  Of course, private schools will always provide the opportunity to pay for education, But what about state schools? Even though they are free, many people argue that only those who can afford to live in the right area will gain places at the best schools.

Is this true? We’ve done some digging and, using the Secondary league tables (the 200 schools in England with the highest attainment at GCSE), we’ve selected a few of the best grammar schools and investigated whether money really is a barrier to a good education.

  Ranked at number 2 in the league, Newstead Wood school for girls is obviously a great school but you’d need a cool £850,000 to live in this grand 1920s 5 bed detached property situated within ½ mile of the school in Bromley.

  With its price tag not far off from the million pound mark, this £925,000 6 bed semi is only a short distance from Altrincham Grammar for boys, one of the best schools in Manchester, which sits at number 6 in the league.
  At £759,950, this 4 bed detached in Kingston upon Thames would get you close to The Tiffin Girls’ school, which enjoys the 9th spot in the league table.

Although it’s obvious that some of the best schools are located in the priciest areas, others are not. The selection below might better suit the average family with a desire to get their children a good education.

  Ranked 4th in the league table, Invicta Grammar school is undoubtedly a top school and for just £160,000 for this 3 bed terraced home in Maidstone Kent, money certainly wouldn’t be a barrier.
  Taking 16th and 17th spot respectively, Nottingham Girls High and Skipton High for Girls are clearly some of the best schools in Nottingham and Yorkshire.
  This 3 bed terraced house in Nottingham, priced at £119,950, is less than ½ mile away from the girl’s school, whilst this 3 bed detached in Skipton, close to Skipton High is just £149,950.
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