June house prices up by 1% – could it be time for sellers to test the water?

According to the Halifax, house prices rose by 1% in June compared with the previous month.  Although the report states that despite this rise, the price of the average home is still 0.5% lower than a year ago, the rise shouldn’t be ignored. For home owners wishing to move it is definitely worth delving a little deeper to uncover their own property’s potential value.

Although it is no myth that the UK housing market has been relatively stagnant in recent times owing to nervousness about the economy, those wishing to sell interesting, well-decorated, and attractive properties could find that the potential value of their property bucks the trend.  Although many people rely on on-line property valuation tools to check how much their property may be worth, now might be the right time to thing about getting a property appraisal from a trusted agent? 

On-line tools will use past selling prices of simliar properties in a given location to estimate a value but they do not take into account any potential recovery in the market or individual elements within a property. 

Superior fixtures and fittings, a state of the art kitchen or a garden with a contemporary design could mean your property will sell for more than you think. And, if your agent is aware of renewed interest in your property’s location this could reflect in its asking price.

Those who are keen to move but are deterred by the gloomy housing market forecast may definitely benefit from an expert’s view.

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