Land of Opportunity

Land ImageOne of the main barriers to building more houses, is having access to land, many investors are looking at their land assets to find out whether they can maximise their existing space. Old commercial units, brownfield sites and even listed buildings could all be turned into new build properties if local demand is high, and with the right professional advice. Whether the land has planning or not, it can be worthwhile to establish it’s potential for redevelopment. Countrywide Land & Planning has put together the following advice for land owners looking at their lands potential for redevelopment:

– Think outside of the box. A wide range of sites can hold potential – including large gardens, commercial property or listed buildings.

– Large or small sites can be redeveloped. Although plc developers will usually be searching for larger sites, there has been a recent influx of small to medium house builders looking for smaller sites.

– Take the hassle out of planning. If a site doesn’t currently have planning permission granted, work with a professional to establish what the possibilities are and let them guide you through the process.

– Revisit previous sites. Radical changes have been made to the UK planning system over the last few years; if a site was previously refused planning permission speak to a professional to ascertain if the situation may have changed.

– Have you received interest from developers? This can be a sure sign of its potential. If not, the site could still hold value.

– Don’t automatically rule out a site which lies outside development limits, planning regulations have and continue to be relaxed opening the door for sustainable sites, and sites with long term opportunities.

– Seek advice at an early stage. Don’t be put off if there is a restrictive covenant on a site in some instances these can be discharged, modified or insured against.

– Gain specialist advice. Specialist Land & Planning professionals can carry out a discrete no obligation assessment of your land and offer advice on its potential for resale.

If you own land and would like to find out its potential, contact Countrywide Land & Planning for specialist advice. With the largest team in the UK, our local land operator can advise you on the planning needed and potential sale of your land.

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