Landlines: a genuine alternative to mobile phones

So many of us rely on the immediacy of micro-waved communications; that sometimes taking the time to make a landline call in order to have a conversation goes on the back burner. The perception can be that mobiles are faster and easier. What if we were overlooking an older technology that has many benefits associated with it. While many people struggle to stay connected via mobiles, laptops, iPads and VOIP there are those that still take the time to arrange to call friends and family with the humble landline. These calls happen, in the main, with excellent connection quality and usually a chair. We take time to make these calls and the effect on the call can often be a calmer and more relaxing conversation. No loss of signal mid-flow or hot ears.

Home phones are situated in the same place day in and day out. This means that we don’t need to do the ‘pocket search’ every time the ring-tone is heard and when, inevitably we realise that the phone is still in our coat, we don’t have to dash to the coat rack and search frantically before it stops.

There was a time when the home phone number WAS our contact number but these days the mobile number is often our ‘public number’ and having a landline number offers the opportunity to select who has this number and, perhaps more importantly, who doesn’t.

Stylish and convenient home phones are designed for comfortable use. Mobiles are designed to be small and portable; which can often make them less comfortable. Choosing to have that ‘style’ of the classic coiling wire to wrap fingers in while talking or the ability to press a button on the base station to make the handset beep to let you know where your teenager left it after their last call or even just the ability to pick up the handset and call your lost mobile while you stand very silently at the bottom of the stairs listening for the muted call of the lesser spotted iPhone, can be real and tangible reasons for having a land line.

Home phone tariffs can mean free calls and free answer machines, favourite numbers at the touch of a button and inexpensive international rates.

The benefits of having a physical connection to your house extend beyond the humble handset. The majority of broadband connections rely on the phone line for connectivity and the bundles of calls, broadband and TV offered by the major players can save money over buying these contracts separately.

The contrast between mobile and landline arises from the fact that one is person based the other is residence based. This important difference is the starting point of the decision making process, should you feel the need to decide between the two technologies. However it is possible to obtain a very cheap landline set-up and researching this possibility is pretty easy by comparing landline providers at

The race toward a newer technological future can be very seductive, it’s image and the idea of ‘keeping up’ with ‘everyone else’ can be enticing. But, as with all major purchasing decisions, deciding on exactly what you need long before you approach the market place will help you stay focused and only purchase what you want and not what advertisements and marketing messages imply that you need. Further guides and help can be found on the Home Phone Choices website.

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