Living & working in London? It’s cheaper to commute.

Although we all know that travel costs are rising, Halifax have released a report confirming that commuting to work from the suburbs is still cheaper than living and working in the city. 

Those who travel an hour to work benefit from house prices that are up to 60 per cent, or £375,000, less than those in London. The research found that paying cheaper accommodation costs substantially offsets the average yearly £4,400 cost of a train ticket.

Cities including Peterborough and Swindon all require a one hour commute to the capital however, prices for a spacious family sized property sit around a very reasonable  £245,000.  In contrast the average property in London is prices about £620,000.

Areas which require a half hour daily commute (costing £3,100 per year) were also found to be significantly cheaper.  Property prices in locations such as Chelmsford and Milton Keynes were around £275,000.

If you are happy to commute to London for work and fancy owning a good sized desirable property, check out our selection of competitively priced suburban homes below.


  Who would have thought you could get 5 bedrooms and bags of style for offers over £260,000?
  Priced at just £239,995 this 4 bed property in Swindon is detached and offers bags of space for a those willing to commute.
  4 bedrooms and a double garage are offered with this property in Peterborough, all for £240,000.
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