Luckiest Lottery Towns in Britain

lottery-ballsEver wanted to increase your chance of a lottery win? Since the start of the National Lottery in 1994, over £40 billion pounds has been won across the UK. The National lottery, who operate via the Camelot Group have recently released a table highlighting the nation’s luckiest locations.

The research has pinpointed the areas with the largest number of ‘top tier’ winners (prizes over £50,000) per head of population.

So if you have a detached house in Dundee or a luxury pad in Liverpool, then you may want to get involved and buy a ticket for the weekend. Let’s take a look at some the top  locations where these big winners live.

1. Romford –  holds first place as the National Lottery’s luckiest town. This historic market town benefits from a fast rail link to London Liverpool Street, there is a handsome supply of detached houses across the town. To see what property we have available in this area click here

2. Sunderland – standing as the luckiest location in the North East, not only is it home to a number of winners, it has a multitude of terraced houses to suit every budget. Click here for more information. 

3. Newcastle-upon-Tyne – situated on the bank of the river Tyne, boasting thriving quayside attractions. If the fast paced City life isn’t your thing there are plenty of peaceful cottages away from the busy city centre.

4. Liverpool – A bustling city, home to an infamous football rivalry and now it’s the fourth luckiest place in Britain. The city is brimming with modern apartments if you want to live in the heart of Liverpool.

And ranked fifth – the North London Borough of Enfield, the luckiest borough in London, with major re-development in this residential suburb, properties are highly sought after, to view our available properties click here.




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