Making Your Home Ready To Sell: Is Decorating Enough?

When you are looking to sell your house, bright vibrant colours and the smell of freshly brewed coffee may make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but is that enough if your rooms are filled with scratched furniture and your upholstery is worn and threadbare?

What does your home tell visitors?

It can be hard to think objectively about items that hold sentimental value, but it’s valuable to take a step back and think about how your home’s decorating and furnishings could effect a potential buyer.

Too much furniture can be cosy but it can also make a room feel small. Dark wine-coloured reds may be your favourite, but painting the walls of your living room a rich burgundy can make a space feel claustrophobic for buyers?

The same goes for large furniture, an oversized sofa will only make a small room feel smaller.

On the opposite end of the scale, too little furniture can make a space feel cold and empty. Striking a balance is a fine art but one that is important, especially when consumers in general are less inclined to part with their money.

Making the most of a living space can help prospective buyers realise the potential your home has.

You can save the bother of trekking out to a showroom by browsing online with a visit to the website of a furniture retailer like Fashion For Home. One of the real joys of the internet is the ability it gives you to browse the latest designer pieces without the irritation of a commission-hungry salesperson stalking you from across the shop floor.

Fashion For Home, for example, features high quality photos of each item on offer from a number of angles, as well as providing detailed measurements and specifications for each.

So why is your furniture important?

Making your home look as attractive as possible can often make the difference between selling at your asking price or stumping for a much lower amount. A gorgeously decorated and furnished home can help potential buyers to imagine living there themselves.

You favourite chair may have brought you years of comfort and joy but does the stained cushion and threadbare armrest really give off the right signals? If the attachment is too strong, why not cover it with a throw before viewings commence, and make the space seem much more comfortable and appealing.

Comfortable Hampstead Armchair

What should you look for when shopping for new furniture?

First and foremost you need to ensure the pieces you choose are well built and made from quality materials. Better build quality does mean a larger price tag, but a well made piece of furniture can last a lifetime and retain its value for years.

All items on sale at Fashion For Home are made with the highest quality materials by expert craftsmen.

To get a taste of the selection Fashion For Home offers, you can browse their expansive range, like their corner sofa collection if you simply click here.

Corner Sofa from Fashion For Home

Should you follow fashion or your personal tastes?

Everyone has their own personal tastes, but having an awareness of what is ‘hot’ right now in interior design can help you sell quicker. A few personal flourishes can show your home has character but too much can leave buyers blinded by chintz. Perhaps it would be wise to put away your collection of royal commemoration plates, just until the estate agent has finished showing everyone round.

The extra cost of decorating and buying new furniture seems counter-productive, especially when money is tight. However, studies have shown that living in a bright, uncluttered environment can actually improve your quality of life.

So by getting rid of your old, bowed and sagging sofa and replacing it with a new, ergonomically designed piece, you can increase your home’s value to potential buyers, whilst benefiting your own health and wellbeing.

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