Male and female credit card habits revealed

The credit card spending habits of men and women have been uncovered by new research, with some surprisingly gender-stereotypical results.

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Research by Santander Cards has revealed the different products and services that men and women use their credit card for, with the results in-line with stereotypical gender behaviour.

It was found that men use their credit cards more than women, with the average male user spending 15% more than the average female cardholder.

As you might expect, men were found to spend more than women on cars, spending an average of 113% more on car rental and 108% more in vehicle outlets.

Men were also found to be bigger credit card spenders than women when it comes to hardware, sports, and bars/restaurants.

The results for women’s spending habits were just as stereotypical of their gender, spending an average of 87% more than men in pharmacies and 20% more on healthcare.

Women spent more than men on things like clothes, spending 83% more in clothes shops than men. They also spend an average of 36% more in department stores than their male counterparts.

“It’s revealing that people seem to conform to gender stereotypes in their credit card usage, with women using their cards more in clothes shops and department stores and men spending more on their vehicles, in sports shops and in bars and restaurants,” said Adam Mussert, from Santander Cards.

“Whatever your gender or your spending pattern, people who use their credit card frequently in supermarkets, department stores or petrol stations can earn generous cash back rewards.”

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