Many drivers don’t know legal speed limits

Many motorists are unaware of the speed limits on different types of roads in the UK, research has revealed.

Research has revealed that more than seven out of ten drivers don’t know the different speed limits for various types of roads.

It was found that 71% of drivers didn’t know the speed limit on a rural road, single carriageway, dual carriageway, motorway or road within a built up area.

When drivers were shown different photos of roads, only a third could identify the 60mph speed limit for a single carriageway. A further 52% did not know the speed limit on a rural road without street lights.

“It is alarming that so many motorists cannot correctly identify the legal speed limit on UK roads when tested,” said John O’Roarke, Managing Director of LV= Car Insurance, which carried out the research.

“If a driver is caught exceeding the limit by just a few mph, they can still be fined and given penalty points.”

It was also revealed that the number of drivers caught speeding by police went up by 6% last year, compared to 2010.

“The police data shows that more speeding motorists are being caught each year and drivers should take care to know their limits to avoid a fine, penalty points or worse,” added Mr O’Roarke.

While more speeding motorists are getting caught, it seems the majority want to see an increase to the national speed limit.

It was found that 64% are keen to see the introduction of the planned 80mph speed limit, while four out of ten claim they routinely break the current 70mph limit.

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