More mums forced into part-time work

The number of mums forced to look for work rather than stay at home to raise the children is on the increase, new research has found.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of economically inactive women – those who do not have a job and do not want one – has fallen significantly in the last year.

The number of inactive women aged between 16 and 64 has fallen by 71,000, while the number of unemployed women has gone up by 82,000.

This shows that more women are being forced to abandon being a ‘stay-at-home mum’ in order to find work simply to make ends meet.

“The vast majority who are going back to work, or who are working already, are doing it because they have to, not because they want to,” said Siobhan Freegard, founder of website NetMums.

“Most women who are going back to work have a job, not a career. They are doing soulless, heartless jobs, such as working on a cash till at a supermarket.”

Statistics have shown that there are 1.2 million women currently out of work in the UK – the highest figure for 25 years.

Employment minister Chris Grayling has said there is an obvious trend for the demise of the traditional housewife staying at home to look after their family.

“I think we are seeing more stay-at-home mums saying, ‘I think I’ll look for a part-time job’,” he said.

“I suspect bad news stories about the eurozone and what the economic climate might be (are having a negative affect).”

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  1. avatar jane cowin says:

    Whats wrong working on a cash till ???