National Dress up your Pet Week!

         National Pet Week                                                                 

Do you have the most stylish pet in your street? This week has marked national dress up your pet day. As we have missed this remarkable occasion we thought we would look at how as a nation we spoil our pets in other ways. So the topic we thought best is ‘Posh Pet Homes’ whether its your Hamster, Cat or pampered Pooch what sort of house do they live in?


We all love our pets they are part of the family and for most a best friend, here are some of the weirdest or most amazing ideas people have had to keep their pet looking and feeling on top of the world. As an owner your pet is a statement and also an extension of your personality which in turn matches your home style and interior.

A favourite theme seems to be dog houses that look like a miniature version of the owners home, your pooch can feel like a King whilst he is outside, a right home from home.

A taste of the Mediterranean, a lovely Spanish Villa

Dog House

Or a Doggy Chalet with a personal pool area

Designer Dog Home

Another key trend is the designer bed, does your best friend have a comfier place to sleep then you or a matching four poster bed that the likes of Paris Hilton would swoon over? Interior design in our homes is very important so it’s only right that our four legged friends have a stylish place to rest also.

Bunk Beds if you have a duo

Doggy Bunk Beds

Or a bit of bling to show off your pets glamorous side?

Posh Pet Bed

A light topic for the end of the week that has been a hot topic of discussion as I looked into this, who said that beautiful houses and furniture are just for humans!


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