Natural Design Ideas for a Nature-Inspired Bathroom! Bring the Outdoors In


artificial bathroom lightingHaving a bathroom design which has been inspired by nature can provide an ideal environment for relaxing in the bath, or starting your day fresh with a rejuvenating shower surrounded by elements from nature that have a positive effect on the mind and the body.

In order to create your own nature-inspired bathroom, you need to look at the use of colour, natural elements, accessories, lighting and furnishings within the room. All of these aspects play a huge part in the ambience of the bathroom, and you need to think carefully about each one to make sure you get the results you’re looking for with your newly designed nature-inspired bathroom.



Below are a few pointers on how to tackle each of these aspects in your bathroom in order to achieve a nature-inspired ambience:

Use of Colour

natural color pallet






You have quite a wide variety of choice when it comes to colour selection for your bathroom, ultimately it depends on which particular elements of nature that you want to capture in your room. For example, if you like the early sun on a summers’ morning then you could go with a soft yellow palette, or if you prefer the sights and scenery of a forest, the browns and greens make a perfect mix.

Furnishings & Fixtures

rock sinkThere are lots of unique and creative furnishings and fixtures available for the bathroom. Stone or glass sinks with minimalist-style taps work best with natural look bathrooms; some ceramic sinks can blend well in a natural setting, but for the best results you really want to go with a natural material like stone, or something transparent like glass to really emphasise on the flowing water.



Natural Elements

This one goes without saying… incorporating elements from nature into your bathroom is bound to aid in the nature inspired ambience. Use of natural elements such as wood and stone really complete the setting. Don’t forget to add plants too, having plenty of greenery in your bathroom helps to make a fresh atmosphere.


The lighting plays a bathroom lightinghuge part in setting the ambience of your room; ideally you want to let as much natural light into the room as possible – avoid cluttering the window so that sunlight can flow through easily. If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from large windows then you will need to look into artificial lighting; distressed brass and copper light fixtures can add a rustic touch to your room, good use of hidden down lighting and wall lighting.


It’s easy to continue your bathroom accessoriesnature theme into the accessories for your bathroom. Baskets, soap and toothbrush holders, water features, towel racks and even radiators can all be found with nature inspired designs or created from natural materials such as wicker. Adding further accessories like plants and water features can add a great touch to your bathroom too.



Visual Inspiration

Hopefully the pointers above have given you some ideas on the best ways to go about remodeling your bathroom with a nature inspired theme. If you’re still not quite sure and would like some more inspiration, then you can maybe take some inspiration from some of our favourites below.


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