New Build Properties – the right choice for the modern day eco-warrior

There’s no denying we all want to do our bit for the environment, but let’s face it, with families to run, jobs to hold down and social lives to enjoy, few of us have time to protest ‘swampy style’, or become completely self sufficient.  These days it’s all about ‘doing your bit’, and with buildings being responsible for around 40% of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions, the type of property you choose to live in can make a big difference. 

So if you’re an ‘eco-aware’ house hunter, check out new build developments in your desired location. Today’s strict regulations surrounding construction dictate that developers ensure high standards of energy efficiency.  As a result modern new build properties such as these 4 bedroom terraced homes in Worcester Park are more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and economical than their second hand counter-parts.  Double glazing, high quality insulation and better draft proofing means less heat can escape and less energy is used.  Energy efficient boilers, modern heating systems and energy efficient light bulbs are also a requirement and will contribute to the prevention of wasted energy and carbon emissions.

Of course, environment advantages are not the only plus point for buying new, aside from the economic advantages of lower energy consumption, buying a new build property provides the occupant with a blank, untarnished canvas with no traces of previous occupation and sparkling new fixtures and fittings.  What’s more many developers offer purchase incentives such as part-exchange options, stamp duty offers and first time buyer schemes.

Countrywide recognises the popularity and importance of new builds and has launched a new specialist financial advisory service for the new homes sector.  They are placing over 70 specialist mortgage consultants at new build development sites across the country who will be available, 7 days a week, to advise buyers on the mortgages most suitable to their purchase.

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