Not so remote anymore..superfast broadband where you live

TechnologyThe government have announced they are spending £10 million to find ways of getting superfast broadband to remote areas of Britain.

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Eight schemes have been short listed, each using a variety of technology including fixed wireless and satellite. Locations to test this new technology includes, Scotland, Wales, Devon, Somerset and Northumberland.

These trials are set to pave the way for the remaining 5% of the country that are yet to have access to superfast broadband.  The scheme includes:

In Wales, AB Internet is planning a hybrid fixed line and wireless network that will deliver speeds of up to 50Mbps.

In North Yorkshire, Airwave are planning to deploy four next generation wireless systems, including making use of Television whitespace.

Satellite provider Avanti wants to pilot a satellite broadband platform in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

MLL Plans to aggregate small wireless networks in kent

In Northumberland, Cybermoor wants to develop a fibre to the home network using a financial model that gets investment from the local community

Dan Rogerson, Rural Affairs Minister, commented; ‘Fast and reliable broadband revolutionises everything from how we work and how our children learn, to how we spend our leisure time and engage with public services’

It has been identified as ‘critical’ that superfast broadband in remote rural areas is explored, on the idea that it will make local businesses more productive, innovative and competitive. Crucial for building a stronger rural economy and a fairer society.

The main stumbling block for this project is ensuring that the areas that need superfast broadband the most are clearly identified. These pilot schemes are focused on the most rural parts of the UK, however there are plenty of people in towns and cities that have missed out on the big commercial roll outs of this superfast service, they have slipped through the net due to the local councils using postcodes rather than individual addresses to assess coverage.

It will be interesting to see how this trial works, and what the general consensus will be for those who enjoy living a ‘remote’ rural lifestyle, for some, the remote corners of the country are an escape from the hustle and bustle of the City lifestyle, and a place to take life at a slower pace.

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