One in three do not have a pension

According to a new study, only one in three people employed within the UK (or nearly 15 million workers) said that they do not have a private or company pension – meaning that they will rely on the state pension to support them financially in retirement.

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Yet with the latest government reforms on state pensions, many of these people might be in for a shock later on in life.

The government recently announced a raft of changes to pensions, meaning that the pension ages will be pushed back to 67, with thousands of people losing out.

The latest research from Prudential found that those who currently do have a pension contribute an average of 6.2 % of their annual income to pension schemes.

The survey of 1,602 working adults also found that women are far less likely to save for their retirement, with 41% saying that they do not currently have a pension compared to just 29% of men.

Vince Smith-Hughes, head of business development at Prudential, said; “Failing to save into a pension means not only having to rely solely on the State Pension in retirement, but also missing out on the ‘free money boosts’ which come with pensions, such as tax relief and employer contributions.”

“Making regular pension contributions is a vital part of securing a comfortable retirement. Although saving for retirement may not be a priority for young people, the more money which is stashed away from an early age, the more likely that significant rewards will be reaped later in life.”

“When coupled with the benefits of any additional employer contributions or gains through fund performance, a pension is the best way of saving for retirement, for many people.”

An average worker in the UK earns almost £1 million over the course of their working life (according to The Office for National Statistics). The average tax relief on pension contributions is £334 per year, per person paying the basic tax rate. Higher tax payers could therefore lose a significant amount by not paying into a private or company pension scheme.

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6 Responses to One in three do not have a pension

  1. avatar stephen says:

    Can you expect people to have confidence in the private pension industry (e.g Equitable Life), or anybody else in the financial services sector for that matter? The pensions industry needs to get its own house in order first before lecturing the public.

    • avatar David says:

      Pensions are a long-term investment. The government keep changing the rules in the short term as well as plundering the funds with tax changes and one off tax hits.

      The money system is in a mess because we are running a FIAT Money system which history shows, ALWAYS ends in collapse, a situation a lot of experts think we are now near.

  2. avatar John Cox says:

    Retirement is a thing of the past. This government has made it quite clear that you will work till you die.

  3. avatar Beth says:

    Employer contributions??
    I know of many small companies that don’t even offer a stakeholder scheme let alone make contributions.
    Society is going to be divided between those with public sector pensions and a few private sector pensions and the masses who have nothing but have to pay for the public sector.

  4. avatar Paul Goodman says:

    The UK courts took everything from me after my divorce making me struggle to live, struggle to pay for private rent, force me into paying very substantial CSA payments yet leave me with no chance of state benefit or assistance. It is hard to get through each week without going into the red. A pension is never going to be possible for me or the millions of other divorced men robbed by the system and left in the gutter.

    • avatar Nicola Severn says:

      Paul, really sorry to hear of your predicament and I know there are many other men in the same situation as yourself. Many people agree that pension provision does need reform, good luck for the future and I hope you find a positive way forward.