Prepare for severe winter weather driving

The UK has been hit with a barrage of rain, wind and snow in recent weeks leading to flooding and causing major disruption on Britain’s vast network of roads.

The Highways Agency has warned drivers to prepare themselves and their cars as the UK braces itself for more severe weather this winter.

As part of its ‘Make Time for Winter’ campaign the Agency has revealed that almost half (49%) of drivers ignore severe weather warnings, while 29% do not prepare their vehicle for winter.

The findings reflect recent research by Green Flag Breakdown Service which showed that millions of motorists are heading out on journeys without performing basic safety checks this winter.

Many drivers are only willing to address maintenance problems should the need arise; with these respective figures 16% for car lights, 23% for car batteries and 11% each for tyre tread and oil.

Roads minister Stephen Hammond MP said: “Vehicles are much more prone to break down as temperatures plummet and a routine incident or breakdown can become much more serious in severe weather.

“It’s important drivers take a few minutes to check their vehicles, plan their journeys, check the weather forecast and carry an emergency kit. In the most severe weather, they should even consider whether their journey is really necessary before they set out.”

The Agency is advising drivers to perform a POWDERY checklist to ensure their vehicles are winter ready:

PETROL (or diesel). Have you got enough? Do you know where to fill up?
OIL – check levels once a month
WATER – check radiator and screenwash regularly
DAMAGE – check wipers, lights etc for signs of wear and tear or damage, and make sure wind-screens, windows and lights are clear of ice and snow.
ELECTRICS – check lights, indicators and controls are working properly
RUBBER TYRES – are they well inflated, legal, with good tread and free from damage?
YOU – are you fit to drive? Have you slept well? Are you taking any medication that could make it unsafe for you to drive?

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  1. avatar Robert says:

    You’ve hit on a small but often overlooked point here – checking the weather forecast. It’s easy to check the forecast for the next few days and plan trips accordingly.