Property Click – Introducing the new way to buy property

Mersey TerraceIf you like the idea of purchasing a property at auction but don’t have the time to travel to an auction house, or squeeze telephone bidding into your busy schedule, the solution is at your fingertips. Property Click is the brand new online property auctions website allowing you to view, watch and bid on property in a time and place that’s convenient to you.

Currently on trial in the North West, this brand new concept provides a completely new way to purchase property.  Potential purchasers are able to view property details, see how many bids have been made on each property, see the current bid price and view whether or not the reserve price has been met.  If interested in a particular property, visitors to the site are able to either ‘watch’ the property or bid on it. Should a property reach its reserve price, the individual who places the highest bid above the reserve price is able to purchase the property for that amount.

All transactions are secured by a non-refundable exclusivity agreement paid by the purchaser.

Property click is an ideal mechanism for serious buyers to bid on the property they desire. Of course, like any property purchase, all the regular physical viewings, surveys, finance and legal agreements should be in place before a bid is made. It is also highly advisable for any individual considering such a purchase to familiarise themselves with the detailed terms and conditions available on the Property Click website before they place a bid. The online property auction website is expected to be of interest to
all types of house buyer. From landlords and property investors who wish to
grow their portfolios, to first time buyers, this online auction platform
provides the potential to purchase property below market value.

For sellers, the online auction concept provides a unique way to sell their property. With the security of the reserve price and exclusivity period, sellers can rest assured that all bidders are serious about making the purchase and completing.

The first auction period for selected properties will end on 2nd June, so potential bidders should move fast. To start your Property Click journey visit our website today, where you can find more information and register to make bids.



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