Properties of the week: Interesting Interiors

JDimageGerard Depardieu once said that ‘everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it’. He was apparently speaking of food, but his theory may hold good for broader applications. We took a brief peek at his own home (see left) to ascertain his taste in interiors before examining the interiors of a few properties that are, unlike Monsieur Depardieu’s, currently up for sale on the Propertywide portal.

When it comes to interiors, an Englishman’s home is his castle in the same way that a Frenchman’s is his château. The interiors of such bastions are worth examination both because they shed light on how others live, and because they provide inspiration. Yet, of course, if we’re intending to buy then we have to remember that the lion’s share of interiors are portable and non-structural so they’ll ordinarily be exiting the property when the current owner ups-sticks and moves. Sometimes we’re actually relieved that the previous occupants took their furniture with them, even if we’re miffed in the meantime to find that our new home is oddly no longer redolent with the smells of newly-baked bread and freshly-percolated coffee that pervaded when we first viewed. Yet occasionally we all covet the ephemeral touches, the chattels, which we’ll never see again once they’re loaded onto the removals van to follow our predecessors to their next pied à terre.

With all of this in mind, let’s look at a handful of intriguing interiors that are all very different takes on what makes for an ideal home.

10 bed londonThe first is an expansive and opulent home in London W4’s Grove Park Gardens – Chiswick. With 10 bedrooms and staff accommodation to boot, it’s already eye-wateringly exclusive. Yet much of the interior is staggeringly different and arresting, exhibiting exotic taste and crammed with culture that would intrigue many new owners .



2 bed PooleSize isn’t everything. And this next property in Poole Dorset (one which interestingly overlooks the only place in Britain where anybody is known to have suffered a shark attack, back in the 1930s) is on a smaller scale altogether. It’s a two-bedroomed flat. Yet one that screams style, good taste and understated elegance. Here it seems there’s been a realisation that avoiding clutter and central lighting, sticking to pastels and light colours even for flooring and utilising low seating where possible, and not missing a trick to create a light reflective space, is the best way to capitalise on what room one has.

5 bed NewchapleNot everybody wishes to live in clinical spaces. And, even if they did, usually this is impossible for anybody with bairns. Then again, some homeowners have the vision to approach each room with an open mind so that walking through their homes is a smörgåsbord of contrasts. This next property, a 5-bedroomed home in Lingfield Surrey, was originally designed with children in mind – being a converted Victorian school-house. That heritage is abundantly evident upstairs in the bedroom, though downstairs the kitchen-diner has a mesmerizingly modern twist – quite literally, in the case of its suspended steel open staircase.

7 bed BeechFinally for this blog, I’d like to show you a home that is slightly more neutral. The photo shows the south-facing conservatory that would take some beating as an interior. Near Alton Hampshire, the home of gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh and a town which was once voted the best place to live in the UK, this 7-bedoomed property is still under NHBC guarantee and sports an uniformly exquisite interior which exudes gravitas and green gentility.

Has any of this set your pulse racing? If so, then these and other great interiors – and properties with even more potential – are all over our portal. And if we’ve not yet engaged you then hopefully we will in the next blog. It focuses on gardens.


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