Property or art? Buy your own slice of artistic architecture.

Located in the village of Hurst in Berkshire, this fantastic 7 bedroom mansion is definitely not your average home. Designed by self-confessed perfectionist, Monika Dyson, this property was her primary family residence for over a decade.

7 bed Hurst

Monika’s love of travel inspired both the exterior build and the interior design. The overall appearance of the property plays tribute to the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi and the interior undoubtedly owes its distinctive creative flair to Monika’s love of exotic travel.

Once a simple bungalow, the home now boasts 7 bedrooms, each with its own unique character making this stunning property a true work of art.

7 bed Hurst2

Features including; an arched snug at the bottom of a turret, a sweeping staircase resembling a growing tree, ornamental gardens, stone archways and large Moroccan style doors, create a home that generates a mystical, sometimes magical atmosphere for its inhabitants.

7 bed Hurst3

Exploring this property you get the sense of entering a Riad in Marrakech, whilst at the same time enjoying the ambiance of an environment that is committed to the natural world where organic growth is at the heart of the home.

Priced at £3.2 million this property creates a perfect fusion of artistic design and practical luxury living.

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