Protect your home this winter

BurglarWith the dark winter evenings fast approaching, and Christmas just around the corner, now is the best time to ensure that your home and belongings are secure. The fact that a stranger has been in your home, rummaging through your personal belongings can leave you feeling violated and angry.

New research carried out by Aviva states that during the darker months there is a 20% increase in house burglaries, and with the clocks going back this month, the darker evenings will be drawing in.

This week is the launch of National Home Security Month (NHSM). The annual campaign sponsored by Yale is designed to provide you with information and useful tips on how to keep your property and possessions safe. Generating awareness and vital information on the importance of home security.

Each week during October NHSM will cover a different security topic. Below are some of the key points that we think you should take note of.

Keep it Locked up

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked or even your computer at work. However approximately 64% of us accidently leave doors and windows unlocked when we go out. Nearly 30% of all burglaries occur as a result. It is so important to always check your windows and doors are locked when leaving your property, even if you are just popping out to the local shop. Also keeping your doors and windows locked whilst you are at home can prevent a ‘sneak in’ thief gaining access while you are in another part of your house.

Also please remember not to leave keys in locks or close to any door that can easily be reached through a letter box or window.

Keep it Protected

Computers, small electrical items, jewellery and cash are the most common items stolen in domestic burglaries. Fitting a home alarm can help to ensure that your most treasured and valuable possessions are safe from potential burglars. Remember that Christmas presents a high risk of thieves looking to spoil the festive season for us. Make sure you dispose of packaging etc. in a discreet way, leaving the box to your new television or games console outside for all to see could make you a target. For additional peace of mind purchasing a home safe for smaller valuables that can be stored out of sight could also help keep the thieves at bay.

Lets not forget that these troublesome thieves may be after your identity and not just your prized possessions, so using a shredder to dispose of any confidential paperwork that holds any personal information on you, such as bank statements and bills will stop identity fraud and protect you.

The Great Outdoors

Keep your sheds and garages locked, not only do they hold items of value, they also hold equipment such as ladders and  tools that can be used to break into your property, keep them stored out of sight. Fit security lighting at the entrance and the back of your house to help deter intruders.

Future Home Security

Digital door viewers and door locks are the latest security measures available to home owners. Being able to see who’s at your door before you open it is a great gadget for those that live in apartments and flats. Imagine being able to access your front door without having to search around in the bottom of your bag for your keys and simply having to remember a code when entering and exiting your property. Losing your keys will no longer be a costly issue when it comes to getting all your locks replaced.

Whether you are buying or renting your next home, it’s very important to consider security. Countrywide’s home protection plan offers you protection for your home and contents should you be a victim of burglary. For further details visit our website  or call our free phone number 0800 8406792 and speak to one of our consultants.

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