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rabbit-1-1282544-s[1]Today’s Independent newspaper reports that millions of people are living in homes that are too small for them. The poorest households are said to be worst hit with resulting health problems for inhabitants including asthma, depression and insomnia.

According to the report, the worst offending house types are flats and terraced houses with children living in them.

In the UK the average floor space for a home is 85 sq metres however, new builds offer an average of just 76 sq metres. This measurement puts Britian below other countries including Ireland, Portugal and Italy.

According to the report, soaring land and property prices and a shortage of new homes are fuelling overcrowding. The problems cited by those who are unhappy with their living space include; having nowhere for children to do their homework, lack of storage, lack of space for furniture and no room to socialise.

This is obviously a  very real and significant issue but the key to combatting many of these problems is to think ahead. Choosing property is a long term consideration. Many people buy or rent a property focusing on their current lifestyle but it pays to consider the future. Space for a growing family or elderly relative and day to day living changes need to be kept top of mind, along with a realistic approach to how your current lifestyle will work within the property. Reading a guide to buying or renting property is advisable.

It is also worth researching space saving furniture. There are currently lots of clever ideas which can help enhance living space.

It is no secret that, in relation to many other countries, housing in Britain is expensive. As a result compromise on space may be a necessity, especially in some of the UK’s most popular cities. Ultimately when buying or renting property individuals need to be realistic about the size, layout and location of the property, only once all of these factors are acceptable should a buyer or tenant move ahead with the transaction.


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3 Responses to Rabbit Hutch Britain

  1. avatar Matthew says:

    I was brought up in a huge house, and then bought another large house. Eventually I ended up in a terraced house in Yorkshire, living with several people, and I can tell you that the terraced house made me the happiest, being friendly with my neighbours, even though the house was crammed packed full of different people all the time!

  2. avatar Kamilla Graven says:

    “In the UK the average floor space for a home is 85 sq metres however, new builds offer an average of just 76 sq metres.” – Where? In London 1 bed new builds are coming at about 45-50sqm and 2 bed at around 60-65sqm, with no thought-out plan layout to maximise space (huge hallways, 2 bathrooms, 1.85m-wide “bedrooms”, let me see what else…). WHY, oh why would you need 2 bathrooms in these already cramped flats?!

  3. avatar Roy says:

    If you live in a small house and have lots of kids then you deserve all the depression and insomnia you get. If you can’t afford a big enough house for 2 kids you can’t afford the kids!!