Rainbow Rooms

With this dreary, rain soaked summer lingering into July, it will take more than a few scatter cushions to bring some colour and light into our lives.  So, how about taking the plunge and injecting some real vibrancy into your living space?

Fashion has a lot to do with how we decorate our homes and for some years now the palette of preference has been neutral decor, magnolia walls and accent tones.

There is no doubt that keeping interiors ‘low-key’ works for most property types, but has this play safe option deterred you from experimenting with something a little more adventurous?

The key to pulling off a colourful interior is to plan ahead.  Know what you want to achieve, stick to one or two tones of your chosen colour and  keep furniture fairly nuteral.  Don’t be afraid to create a mood board before you begin.  Collect a selection of fabrics and wall coverings that appeal to you. Attaching them to a home made mood board will allow you to see which colours and textures work well together and which don’t.

If you fancy going one step further with your interior design consider a ‘theme’ for your room.  Often the closest we get to injecting a theme is putting a Peppa Pig, or Fireman Sam duvet set onto our child’s bed, but there is no reason why themes can’t be ‘grown up’.  Think Japanese style dining rooms, boudoir bedrooms or nautical themed bathrooms.  Provided you keep the elements simple and steer clear of the temptation to clutter, you’ll be on to a winner.

Need some inspiration? Take a look below

The master bathroom in this four bed luxury detached residence in Oxford has been decorated to the highest standard. Using an orangery themed printed wall-covering, the room creates a relaxed atmosphere by keeping flooring and fittings neutral.
This one bedroom flat is decorated to the highest standard proving that you don’t need acres of space to inject some serious style into your living areas. This pretty pink kitchen complements the hot pink living room and manages to do so with grace by keeping the other elements of the decor clean and crisp.

Period properties offer the ideal canvas to inject some drama into interior design. The red walls in this dining room work particularly well due to the high ceilings and large window.

If all this colour is a bit too much for you, but you still want to create a theme, black and white design will work with almost any room. This superbly decorated bedroom makes the most of the stylish window seat and doesn’t over-do the black, leaving the room light and airy, the perfect place to relax.