Renovating your home – what adds the most value?

home improvement widgetMore and more people are choosing to invest money in their current property, this is mainly due to the availability of properties on the current market and the high costs associated with moving.




If you live in an area that you love then renovating your current property could give you that extra space you need or your dream kitchen.

Research from Experian has indicated what the average cost of different renovation projects are and what value you can expect that to add onto your property. They have stated that 44% of UK homeowners will have major work on their current property done, or they have plans in place to do so in the next year.

By using their clever home improvements widget you can get an idea of where best your money could be spent. The top spot goes to adding a conservatory, at a relatively low cost of £5,300 you could see an added value of over £11,000 to your property.

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