Rental Restrictions Reduce

Although it is traditionally viewed as the poor relation to buying, renting is becoming increasingly popular, and many of the restrictions traditionally associated with let properties are being reduced.

In the past individuals wishing to rent a property were often issued with a long list of ‘dos and don’ts’ but this is changing.

The majority of tenants have the same emotional attachment to their homes as their owner-occupier counterparts.  As such, they expect the same control and freedom over their living environments.  Today’s landlords are wising up to this and are beginning to take a more flexible approach.  For example, many landlords now recognise that some tenants want to re-decorate their homes to their own personal tastes.  Provided the property remains in good condition, landlords are now allowing tenants to hang pictures, put up shelves, paint walls and change flooring.  They are also more flexible when it comes to pets and rental properties, such as this four bed detached property in Kent and this two bed appartment in Surrey, allow dogs, cats and other small animals.

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